• injector.js

  • /* eslint no-unused-vars: 0 */
    /* global mapping */
  • This script must to be added via importScripts() to the service workers. See testing-sw.js and production-sw.js first.

  • Make the SW control the client ASAP.

    function onInstall(event) {
    function onActivate(event) {
  • Easy, simply try to find an actual resource URL for an abstract request. If not found, let’s fetch the abstract resource. In this demo, this never fails.

    function onFetch(event) {
      var abstractResource = event.request.url;
      var actualResource = findActualResource(abstractResource);
      event.respondWith(fetch(actualResource || abstractResource));
  • Look inside mapping to get the actual resource URL for the abstract resource URL passed as parameter. This act like the dependency factory in charge of creating the objects to be injected.

    function findActualResource(abstractResource) {
      var actualResource;
      var patterns = Object.keys(mapping);
      for (var index = 0; index < patterns.length; index++) {
        var pattern = patterns[index];
  • A really silly matcher just for learning purposes.

        if (abstractResource.endsWith(pattern)) {
          actualResource = mapping[pattern];
  • Can return undefined if there is no actual resource.

      return actualResource;

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