• service-worker.js

  • Listen for messages from clients.

    self.addEventListener('message', function(event) {
  • Get all the connected clients and forward the message along.

      var promise = self.clients.matchAll()
      .then(function(clientList) {
  • event.source.id contains the ID of the sender of the message.

        var senderID = event.source.id;
        clientList.forEach(function(client) {
  • Skip sending the message to the client that sent it.

          if (client.id === senderID) {
            client: senderID,
            message: event.data
  • If event.waitUntil is defined, use it to extend the lifetime of the Service Worker.

      if (event.waitUntil) {
  • Immediately claim any new clients. This is not needed to send messages, but makes for a better demo experience since the user does not need to refresh. A more complete example of this given in the immediate-claim recipe.

    self.addEventListener('activate', function(event) {

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