Live Flowchart

This recipe provides a way to learn how to use service workers (SW) through showing the flow diagram of SW workflow explained on the Mozilla Developer Network, and logging on screen the steps taken by a real Web App running service workers.




Register + Unregister


Active service worker on page load + unregister


Wrong service worker scriptURL


Security error


Features and Usage

Features are:

  • Register a service worker
  • Reload document
  • Unregister the service worker

The features coincide to the buttons at the top of the page, which can be pressed in a whatever order. You can also specify the SW scriptURL and scope to simulate different test cases.


  • press buttons
  • read the logs
  • take actions in case (e.g. open about://serviceworkers)
  • hack the code and see what happens

How to Read the Logs

There are two logs to read:

  • the HTML log
  • the browser log

In the HTML log colors mean different log levels:

  • red => error
  • yellow => warn
  • green => info
  • white => log
  • gray => debug

The browser log prints:

  • the same messages printed on the HTML log, using the same log level
  • the service worker log (since service workers can’t access the DOM)


Tests have been run in:

  • Firefox Nightly 44.0a1 (2015-10-12)
  • Chrome Canary 48.0.2533.0
  • Opera 32.0

on a machine running Mac OS X 10.8.5


  • the browser has to support ES6

What’s Next / Contributions

  • responsive to work on mobile
  • have the flowchart build in SVG and visualize the service worker states
  • add specs / automatic tests for existing features
  • add specs / automatic tests for new features in a BDD/TDD fashion
  • do something oninstall
  • do something onactivate
  • do something onfetch
  • provide a button to simulate the offline network status
  • provide a button to simulate the lie-fi network status (very low connectivity but not completely offline)


General Usage

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