• bootstrap.js

  • This would be the framework bootstrap script, injected in the template HTML when building the application.

  • We switch between production and testing environments by checking the hash of the URL.

    window.onhashchange = function() {
      var injector = window.location.hash.substr(1) || 'production';
      var currentInjector = getCurrentInjector();
      if (injector !== currentInjector) {
  • When the new injector is activated, reload…

        navigator.serviceWorker.oncontrollerchange = function() {
          this.controller.onstatechange = function() {
  • …if this were a real framework, instead of reloading we would start to load the view scripts in an asynchronous way but providing such mechanisms is out of the scope of this demo.

            if (this.state === 'activated') {
  • Force the initial check.

  • Register one or another Service Worker depending on the type of environment.

    function registerInjector(injector) {
      var injectorUrl = injector + '-sw.js';
      return navigator.serviceWorker.register(injectorUrl);
  • Gets the current injector inspecting the service worker registered, if any.

    function getCurrentInjector() {
      var injector;
      var controller = navigator.serviceWorker.controller;
      if (controller) {
        injector = controller.scriptURL.endsWith('production-sw.js')
                     ? 'production' : 'testing';
      return injector;

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